Jaya Parashar

A photo of a Jaya Parashar standing under the GW gates

Jaya Parashar

International Student Community Ambassador (ISCA)

Home Country: India

GW School/Program: CCAS, MPA

Jaya is a purpose-driven individual with a strong determination to create a positive impact, empower others, and build bridges between cultures. Currently pursuing a master’s degree in public administration (MPA), her academic journey is anchored in a strong foundation of political science, having completed undergraduate and master's degrees from Delhi University, India. Jaya firmly believes in the transformative power of analysis, effective communication, and exceptional interpersonal skills.

As an ISCA, Jaya is committed to facilitating a seamless transition for fellow students and nurturing a supportive environment for their personal and academic growth. Drawing from her own experience as an international student, Jaya understands the challenges faced by newcomers in navigating uncharted territories. Committed to fostering an enabling environment at GW, she strives to create an inclusive atmosphere.

Jaya's multifaceted personality shines through her love for dance, and exploration through travel. Her love language is food, and sharing a scrumptious meal with her is the key to winning her heart. With her unwavering dedication, she is poised to make a positive impact, fostering inclusivity, compassion, and global transformation.