Employment J-1

US Immigration regulation states that nonimmigrants, like people who have J-1 visas, are only permitted to engage in employment only in situations which are authorized for their visa type. The J-1 visa is work-restrictive.  In order to maintain valid J-1 status, a student must not work in the United States, unless the employment is specifically authorized under the regulations.

GW Sponsored J-1 Students: Please see an ISO advisor about any employment.  Not all sponsors permit J-1 students to engage in employment. ISO may request written permission from your financial sponsor prior to granting work authorization.

J-1 Students sponsored by another organization, other than GW: Not all sponsors permit J-1 students to engage in employment. Consult the ARO/RO who issued your DS-2019 with questions about employment.

Students may engage in two kinds of employment. All employment in J-1 student status must be authorized in advance by the RO/ARO of the program that issued the DS-2019. Regulation limits all student work to no more than 20 hours per week, except during official school breaks and summer break, when it may be up to 40 hours per week. This limit is cumulative of all types of J student employment combined.

For information on any of the following topics, please see your ISO advisor. Each kind of employment has its own criteria and limits.

  • Other employment related to academic funding, on-campus work, or economic necessity.