Forms & Handouts

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ISO Request Form
This is the cover sheet for all international student requests and submissions. If you submit or request anything from our office, please fill out this form completely and place it on the top of your documents. You must submit this form in person at the front desk of the ISO.

I-20 Request Form
This form must be used to request an I-20 extension or correction, reprint or to add an F-1 dependent to your I-20. This form is also used to create initial attendance I-20s for returns from leave of absence as well as to resolve visa status problems through travel and in support of a request a change of visa status to F-1.

Update Your Addresses in GWEB
Are you having troubles updating your addresses in GWEB? You will find the detailed instructions here. 

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Guidelines

Explains the process for submission of your F-1 CPT request to the ISO.

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Frequently Asked Questions
Have more questions about CPT?  You might find the answers here.

On-Campus Employment for F-1 Students FAQ
Are you an F-1 Student with questions about on-campus employment?  You may find the answers here.

Optional Practical Training Guidelines
Explains the process of applying for F-1 Optional Practical Training (OPT), including sample texts.

Traveling Abroad During OPT
Plan to travel abroad during your OPT and wonder if you can reenter the U.S.?  You may find the answers here.

Optional Practical Training 24-Month STEM Extension and STEM Employer Reporting Responsibilities 

Use the guidelines to learn more about the STEM Extension and the STEM Employer Reporting Responsibilities 

24- Month STEM Extension Planning Tool

Download this tool to help you determine if you are eligible for the 24- month STEM Extension 

Academic Training Application
Use this form to request permission to engage in academic training while on J-1 student status. 

Social Security Card/Number Guidelines
Used to explain the process of applying for a Social Security Card/Number.

Reduced Course Load Form
Used to request permission for less than full time enrollment.

Full Time Certification Form (for Graduate Students)
Used to request full time certification during thesis and dissertation. Must be submitted each semester.

F-1 Program Extension Guidelines
Information on how to request additional time to complete studies when your I-20 is about to expire.

Severe Economic Hardship Guidelines

Are you a F-1 student  who is experiencing economic hardship due to circumstances beyond your control? Find information on how to request Economic Hardship Employment.

International Organization Employment

Employment with a recognized International Organization 

Form I-765
Click on the link above to be redirected to the USCIS website, where you can download the most recent version of this form.

Change of Status to F-1 Student Status

Use this form if you are planning to change your status from another visa type to F-1 status  

Transfer Out Form
Use this form if you are planning to transfer to another school. We'll miss you! Please see an ISO advisor for information on how to request a transfer from GW to another school.

DS-2019 Extension/ Visa Benefit Form
Use this form to request an extension of your J-1 visa status or program.

J-1 Health Insurance Certification Form
Please sign this form verifying that you have required minimum insurance to maintain your J-1 visa status.

Forms not issued by the ISO

If you are looking for a Letter of Invitation to invite a family member or friend to visit you in the US, or if you are looking for a letter to verify your student status at GW then please visit the Office of the Registrar