End of Semester Guidelines

This page is intended for J-1 degree seeking and non-degree seeking students sponsored by GW. If your J program is not sponsored by GW, ISO encourages you to speak with your sponsor before the semester ends.

The end date of your program is listed on your DS-2019. Please check the program end date to understand which situation applies to you.

Is Your Program Ending This Semester?

Degree-Seeking Students

Both J-1 degree seeking and non-degree seeking students who have a program end date at the end of this semester have a few options. You can either:

1. Submit a Program Extension Request – In some circumstances, your program can be extended. The most common reason for extension is that you were not able to complete your program requirements. You should come into the ISO as soon as you can before the end date listed on your DS-2019 form in order to speak to with an advisor about the extension process.

2. Submit a request for post-completion Academic Training (AT) – Students who have been offered an internship must apply for AT before their current program end date. Please see some more reminders:

  • Your internship must be related to your field of study
  • You should contact your advisor for instructions on how to apply for Academic Training
  • Processing for Academic Training can take up to 10 business days for a complete application or more longer if missing documentation.
  • You cannot work without the authorization in hand.

3. Depart the U.S. during your grace period – Students who have successfully completed their program are granted a 30 day grace period. You are essentially considered a tourist during this time and are not eligible to work, or study. You can: travel inside of the U.S, apply for a change of status to another non-immigrant classification, be admitted into another educational program or depart the U.S. If you are planning to do a change of status or transfer your J-1 program, please make an appointment with an ISO Advisor.

Undergraduate Exchange Students 

The Exchange Team will order a transcript for you and send it to your home institution. Please be sure to fill out the Transcript Release Form and email it to [email protected]. Our team cannot obtain a transcript without this form. Additionally, we highly recommend you reach out to GW housing or your residential hall directors for more information about moving out. They may provide you with certain dates or procedures. Our team can not answer any questions about leaving your campus housing. You may depart the U.S. when it is convenient for you (before the end of the grace period) and you do not have to notify us of your departure.

Are You Continuing Your Studues at GW Next Semester?

Before the end of the semester, you should:

1. Obtain a travel validation – You can request a travel validation through the ISO Gateway.

2. Submit your updated health insurance (for next semester) to ISO

3. Enroll full-time in classes next semester

  • Full time enrollment is minimum of 12 credits for undergraduate students and 9 credits for graduate students. You must be enrolled full-time each semester of study at GW.
  • If next semester is your final semester, you must be enrolled full-time. . If you do not plan to be enrolled full time:
  • because of thesis or dissertation work, remember to fill out the Full Time Certification Form
  • because it will be your last semester, remember to fill out the Reduced Course Load Form.

*Requests are approved at the beginning of each semester

4. Submit your On Campus Employment Authorization – If you are receiving a scholarship, assistantship, fellowship or have a position on campus that you’d like to continue in the next semester, you must get authorized. You can submit your request for on campus employment through the ISO Gateway.


Should you have any additional questions regarding your DS-2019 or program at GW, please contact [email protected] or make an advising appointment with your ISO Advisor.