The International Services Office (ISO) is committed to improving the student life experience of all GW international students and scholars through programming and hosts ~80 events each academic year.


The ISO’s Programming is intentionally built around 4 support areas for international students, which include:


1. Orientation and Adjustment

2. Immigration Support

3. Professional and Career Support

4. Social and Cultural Exchange


The International Services Office (ISO) is committed to providing support and resources to all GW international students and scholars this Fall. We are HERE for YOU! We invite you to connect with us VIRTUALLY this semester.

ISO Global Insider Newsletter

To keep up with the latest news for the GW international community, we encourage you to sign up for the ISO’s monthly newsletter. The Global Insider newsletter will include important news, immigration updates, event announcements, interesting student stories, fun self-care activities, and so much more! Sign up to receive our monthly newsletter here!

Global Insider First Edition: Tuesday, September 1

Global Insider Second Edition: Tuesday, October 6

Global Insider Third Edition: Tuesday, November 10

Global Insider Fourth Edition: Tuesday, December 1

Virtual Forum for International Students

Check out this virtual forum hosted by GW leadership to learn more about the university's plans for the Fall.


Curricular Practical Training

Do you plan to work or participate in internships during your time as an international student at GW? We invite you to join this webinar hosted by the ISO’s expert advisors to learn how to obtain work authorization while on an F-1 visa.

CPT Webinar 1: Wednesday, September 10 @ 2PM | Register on Handshake

CPT Webinar 2: Thursday, November 12 @ 1PM | Register on Handshake

Optional Practical Training

Are you interested in employment in the U.S. following completion of your program? We invite you to join this webinar hosted by the ISO’s expert advisors to learn how to obtain post-graduation work authorization while on an F-1 visa.

OPT Webinar 1: Tuesday, September 15 @ 1PM | Register on Handshake

OPT Webinar 2: Wednesday, November 18 @ 12PM | Register on Handshake

J-1 Employment and Academic Training

This webinar is for J-1 international students and scholars only. Join the ISO to learn about employment and academic training opportunities as well as how to maintain your status while working. J-2 work authorization procedures will also be discussed.

Date & Time: Wednesday, October 21 @ 11AM | Register on Handshake

Legal Resources for International Student Entrepreneurs

Many of the most innovative and fastest growing businesses in the U.S. have been founded by foreign nationals working or studying in the United States. The GW Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in partnership with the International Services Office, will host this brief virtual lecture on general guidance for how current international students can navigate the U.S. immigration system. This lecture will discuss the immigration options available to GW international students as they pursue their entrepreneurial dreams through creating a business or start up.

Date & Time: Wednesday, October 28 @ 10AM | Register on Eventbrite


All About Networking

Join the ISO, Center for Career Services, and International Student Community Ambassadors (ISCAs) to learn about the #1 job search strategy: networking! We will help you identify strategies to develop your verbal communication skills so that you can effectively promote yourself to potential employers. We will also discuss tips for networking online, particularly on LinkedIn.

Date & Time: Wednesday, September 23 @ 1PM | Register on Handshake

Job & Internship Search Process

Join the ISO, Center for Career Services, and International Student Community Ambassadors (ISCA) for this webinar about the job and internship search process in the current environment. We will discuss useful tips and share resources on how to effectively search and apply for jobs and internships in this new reality.

Date & Time: Thursday, October 22 @ 2PM | Register on Handshake

Ace Your Interviews

Join the ISO, Center for Career Services, and ISCAs to learn about effective preparation tips and communication strategies that will increase your confidence and help you stand out at virtual and in-person job interviews.

Date & Time: Thursday, November 19 @ 11AM | Register on Handshake


International Student Support Podcast Series

Check out the ISO’s podcast series centered around an international student’s guide to dealing with the covid-19 pandemic. We discuss relevant topics and resources for the international community with a focus on immigration regulation updates, health and wellness, academic success, career & professional development. Each episode features staff from the ISO, the International Student Community Ambassadors, international students from different parts of the world, and GW campus partners. Listen to our podcasts here!

Talk to an International Student Community Ambassador (ISCA)

Are you stressed about being away from family and friends during this time? Do you need advice on how to deal with covid-19 and adjust to this new reality? Connect with the ISCAs! They are international students JUST LIKE YOU and are here to be your friend and help you get through this stressful time. Book a virtual appointment today!