We Support Your Right to OPT

The George Washington University, together with over 110 other colleges and universities, has joined a “Friend of the Court” amicus brief in support of international students, Optional Practical Training (OPT), and STEM OPT in the Washtech vs. DHS court case. This case involves a legal challenge to the OPT program.

OPT represents valuable experiential learning for our campus’s international students and scholars, allowing them to obtain practical training that enriches their academic studies. We joined this “friend of the court” brief to demonstrate our support for our international students and OPT.

The amicus brief states: "[OPT] is a longstanding government program that permits international students to continue, and deepen, their education by applying the skills and knowledge they learn in the classroom to a professional setting. OPT provides untold benefits for these international students. But, just as critical, being able to provide international students with the opportunities facilitated by OPT gives American institutions of higher education an edge in an increasingly competitive global education market."

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