Mandatory In-Person Check-In


Due to COVID-19, the ISO has moved the in-person check-in process online. To complete your in-person check-in, please complete your e-check In through ISOGateway, including the F-1 In-Person Check-In Agreement eform if you are an F-1 studnent or the J-1 In-Person Check-In Agreement eform if you are a J-1 student.

This is required order for ISO to validate your student immigration status in SEVIS.

*If you had trouble with E-Check-In please tell an ISO staff member during your In-Person Check-In and they will assist you with completing it. All F-1 and J-1 students will need to bring the following items to the ISO to complete the In-Person Check-In:


Having Trouble?

If you are unable been able to complete your e-check In in ISOGateway, please contact [email protected] and an ISO staff member will assist you:

See you soon! Visit the New Student Resources page for resources for new international students!